Fukan Zazen Gi Study Resources

These resources support Turning Over Dogen’s Fukanzazengi – a series of Friday morning MixLr broadcasts, from mid-January to mid-February 2021

Studying is most useful to allow one to put into words what one has already experienced. Sometimes putting things into those words can help others – and help oneself – to clarify things & to deepen one’s practice – Chris Sei Ho Preist

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The Ring of the Way, Taisen Deshimaru, Rider (1983), ISBN 0-7126-1996-8

Zen: Simply Sitting, Philippe Coupey, Hohm Press (2006), ISBN 1-890772-61-5

The Art of Just Sitting, John Daido Loori (ed.), Wisdom (2004), ISBN 0-86171-394-X