Zazen at the Dojo

Please check for updates on our Dojo Bookings Page which carries the latest set of dates for which bookings can be made. No-one may attend without having booked in advance.

Currently, the Dojo is operating a slightly reduced schedule with limited numbers, to ensure protection from Covid-19 infection.

We open our doors at least 10 minute before sits begin.

Broadcasts during Covid-19 period

We run a ‘Virtual Dojo’ schedule led by monks, nuns and lay practitioners across the country. Some broadcasts are from the Dojo itself. Further details of timing on our broadcast site.

Join us for zazen & chanting while you sit in your own space – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  mornings at 07:00, plus Wednesday evening at 18:00, Saturdays at 08:00 and Sundays at 08:30. The wood sounds five minutes before the sit starts. Click the MIXLR    play button below when we’re ‘on-air’ **

BristolZenDojo is on Mixlr

** Or access on your smartphone, tablet or Chromebook using the MIXLR Android or iPhone app

These links allow you access practical guidance on practising at home/online:

Supporting the Dojo

Practitioners can support the Dojo and the life of the Sangha by making a donation or becoming a regular supporter.

Normal schedule

When the Dojo is fully operational, we sit five times a week. We usually run a half-day sit on the first Sunday of each month. We also hold talks regularly. The contact page shows our normal weekly schedule.

Please see our Facebook page for information about upcoming activities.

Bristol Zen Dojo is part of an international network of zen centres, the International Zen Association (AZI), which has strong links with the Japanese Soto Zen school.

International Zen Association (UK) holds sesshins (retreats) three times a year across the country. See the IZAUK page for details of upcoming sessions.