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The Four Noble Truths Chris Preist
Sandokai Adrian Tuttiett
Mahayana Mind Chris Preist
The Four Vows Chris Preist
Bristol Zen Dojo – Introduction Jeremy Cole


These talks are in mp3 format and may be downloaded for personal use. An indication of the length of each talk and the year it was given are provided

Sekito Kisen’s San Do Kai
14 mins: The Harmony of Difference and Unity (2020)
San Do Kai – kusen, part one
32 mins: The Harmony of Difference and Unity (2020)
San Do Kai – kusen, part two
26 mins: The Harmony of Difference and Unity (2020)
Dogen’s Fukanzazengi
14 mins: A recommendation of zen practice to all people (2020)
Kusen – Genjokoan
30 mins: Zazen. Kusen on Genjokoan 14 mins from start (2020)
Dogen’s Genjokoan (continued)
13 mins: Later paragraphs of the Genjokoan (2020)
Dogen’s Genjokoan
23 mins: Early paragraphs of the Genjokoan (2019)
Chanting the Sutras
16 mins: including the Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo (2019)
Wisdom and Compassion
26 mins: A Buddhist perspective (2019)
16 mins: The non-gaining attitude of mind in zazen (2018)
The Bodhisattva’s Four Methods of Guidance
24 mins: Approaches to social relations (2018)
The Three Poisons
28 mins: The Cycle of Suffering (2018)
The Art of Compassion
18 mins: Differences between compassion and empathy (2017)
Talk at Brighton Dojo
30 mins: Shikantaza and Sokushin Zebutsu (2017)
The Precepts – Part One
19 mins: The Three Pure Precepts (2017)
The Precepts – Part Two
31 mins: The Ten Bodhisattva Precepts (2017)
Teisho Archive …
A collection of earlier talks